Sea Marshall® ‘SOS’ Man Over Board Systems
Personal Locator Beacon
So Small It Can Be Worn Inside a Lifejacket!

The system has two main components which interact with each other 
to create the ‘Sea Marshall® Man Over Board System’

The Alert Unit is worn by each crew member.  There is a miniature ‘SOS’ MOB Alerting Unit (Personal Locator Beacon), robust, fully automatic miniature radio transmitter designed to be discreetly worn around the neck or incorporated into a lifejacket, immersion suit. In the event of a crew member falling over board, within approximately 15 seconds, their Sea Marshall® ‘SOS’ Alerting Unit will automatically transmit a signal on 121.5 MHz, the International SAR homing frequency.

Sea Marshall ALERTS


MOB Beacon
Sailors, Windsurfers,

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Divers Beacon
Depths up to
300 feet/100 meters

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Offshore Workers
Oil & Gas and Marine Applications.

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The Receiver Unit is the Sea Marshall® ‘SOS’ Base Unit. The Base Unit can be one of two options; it can be either a MOB alarm only, the Sea Marshall® Crewguard. Or it can be the dedicated Man Over Board Alarm and Radio Direction Finder called the Sea Marshall® SARfinder®. This raises the alarm and gives the Direction of the MOB on its high visibility, fully waterproof electroluminescent backlit display panel.

Sea Marshall RECEIVERS

SARfinder 1003

Dual Band Fixed Directional Finder Continuously Monitors for a Signal from a Sea Marshall® Alerting Unit

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Radio Direction
RT-202   RT-300

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CrewGuard CG 121

Man Over Board Alarm only with optional Auto-dialer & External Antenna for remote unmanned installations.

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The Sea Marshall® ‘SOS’ Alerting Units give you the full support of the Search & Rescue Authorities (121.5 MHz Homing), world-wide, should you need it.